Here’s the short version: I owe music – especially classical music, jazz and gospel music – my actual sanity.

Classical music has offered both brain and mind a framework for disciplined and ordered creativity that makes it the highest ‘intellectual’ challenge in Western music. Gospel music has offered rock-solid affirmation of faith and culture that has helped me to hold on in ways that I cannot begin to explain adequately. And jazz has been a way to actually ‘think’ in music and process some of the darkness of life and mental non-health and cathartically work through issues in ways that could not ever be brokered or circumscribed by language.

And for all these reasons, I have dedicated myself to the task of communicating genuine meaning in classical music, jazz and gospel music.

Music is an incredible medium that enables people from many different  backgrounds to come together and experience a common bond that transcends both race and culture. It is also an incredible means of both self-expression and communication that opens doors to place that cannot be accessed by language. Despite the range of my other interests, it is my privilege to remain a practitioner of music and it is my sworn intention to take my craft in music as far as I can. This personal odyssey is really about life itself, and what it means to be human and how music helps all those who open themselves to it in that quest for Meaning, Reality and Truth.