My journey into the humanities started with the problem of musical meaning.

Ethnomusicology is very interested in questions of musical meaning, but it occurred to me back then that musical meaning could not be adequately interrogated without interrogating meaning itself. As such, the search for a better mechanism to ask questions about meaning got underway – and has continued ever since!

My area/s of interdisciplinary interests include:

  • Anthropology (music, religion, ritual, language, culture)
  • Philosophy (in particular, philosophy of/and mental health, philosophy of religion including questions concerning the relationship between faith and delusion, (philosophical) hermeneutics, philosophy of mind and of language, epistemology, aesthetics and ethics
  • Theology (specialist interest in both worship and liturgy, problems of religious language, eschatology, (theological) hermeneutics, pastoral care for those suffering from mental distress and theological method (as part of ‘systematic theology’)
  • ‘Cultural Studies,’ Psychology, Linguistics, (English Literature), Psychoanalysis – etc.