As a writer of WORDS, I am looking to raise my level of professional activity in a number of ways. I wish to write for a wide variety of publications in all and any of the areas that have been documented on the website and blog. I am also really interested in becoming a formal researcher/evaluator for music engagement projects – and especially (but not only!) those involving jazz in whatever ways. I want to develop as an advocate in mental health, and want to write more about this. I am also particularly skilled at certain sorts of content creation – so please get in touch to discuss what you may have in mind.

As a writer of MUSIC, I am very interested in being commissioned to write for a number of contexts and settings – and also to teach arranging, composition and concepts of musical creativity. I look forward to the conversations already!

And for anything else – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. However, if your interest relates to ADM Productions, please email: