A not-so-short thought about free will

Happy New Year, one and all!
Here is a blog post that may be of interest to someone…looking forward to exploring this topic and others much more in 2014!

A moment for you and God

So, we Christian-types have these words that we love to bandy about the place. Two of them:

a) justification;

b) sanctification;

Now, a good number of us could say something coherent about these two words. But let’s look at a lexeme (or rubric etc) that belongs to both philosophy and theology: free will.

So one type of Christian (C1) might say something along the lines of this: God will forgive our sins, but only if we ask Him. If we don’t ask, He won’t forgive us.

Another (C2) might pipe up and say, “well, it’s not so much that He won’t forgive our sins; it’s more that He cannot forgive our sins!”

But still another (C3) will say, “you are both totally misguided. God loves everybody. And because He loves everybody, no-one is possibly going to go to hell. Jesus died on the cross for everyone, and don’t you…

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